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How do I change my personal details or email address?

You can easily change all your information on your account. Go to login page (https://www.emergencykeytags.com/my-account/) and log in. Here you can change all your information under Account Details.

How can I retrieve my password?

You can retrieve your password by clicking the My Account Button at the bottom of the page. You can then click on the “Lost Your Password!”. Instruction on password retrieval will be send to your email.

How do I create an account?

To create an account is pretty easy.  Just choose the My Account button at the top of the page and choose register.  Once on the registration page just begin filling out he Registration Information.

How to I view what is in my shopping cart?

For a quick view you can highlight over the cart at the top of the page. It will show you a list of items that are currently in your cart.   To view the cart itself you just need to click on the shopping cart and it will bring you to the shopping cart page.

Who do I contact if I need other help?

We offer a number of ways to be contacted. You can contact us through our contact form,through email (email address located at top of page) or through out ticketing system.

How can I change my shipping address?

You can change your shipping address in your online account. If you are just a visitor and require the shipping address changed, please contact us at sales@emergencykeytags.com

How do I order a gift for someone?

Ordering a gift is easy.  When you are completing the order process it will ask you if you would like to use your address or send it to another.  When sending it to another you just need to insert there mailing information and we will send it to them.