Designed by a First Responder. Created for you.

Unlike inferior paper products which are easily damaged or destroyed, our quality PVC tags and cards are made to last.

Our key tags mean life saving peace of mind.

If you’re in an accident and have pets or loved ones at home, how long will it be before someone knows they’re there? What if your “next of kin” is with you?  What if you live far away from family?

With pets, children or the elderly, every minute home alone matters. Our custom printed PVC key tags & wallet cards ensure that first responders will get someone to your pets and loved ones quickly.

  • Designed by a first responder who knows where and how information is retrieved.
  • Custom printed with the contact information of someone you choose!
  • Our combination of key tags & wallet cards ensures that you’re covered at all times!

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Tips On Using Key Tags & Wallet Cards

  • Choose an emergency contact who lives close to you so they can get to your residence quickly.

  • Once you figure out who your ideal Emergency Contact is, get their permission to be used as a point of contact.

  • Talk to your emergency contact about any special instructions that may assist them in looking after your pets & loved ones until long term help arrives.  Medication? Feedings? Make sure they know where everything is and how to provide the care you expect.

  • If you don’t drive, make sure you have one of our tags on your house keys.

  • Make sure our key tag is on a separate key ring than other key tags (like library tags or points tags) so that it will be easily visible to first responders.

  • Our packages come with 2 (two) wallet cards. We suggest placing one in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

  • Always keep a wallet card in your wallet, purse, backpack, fannypack or whatever bag you carry with you.

Don’t take chances with those you love!

Whether it’s pets, children, an elderly parent or you just want the piece of mind of having emergency contact information with you,

we have packages for every situation to put your mind at ease.